Welcome Guest

Welcome wayfarer.

You have made it to my little corner of the internet. I don't know what brought you here, but I feel it's only fair I explain its purpose and give you some fare warning.

I'm normally a quiet guy, one of few words. I've been doing some soul searching recently and I think I discovered why. I also thing that generally the adage "Say something nice or say nothing at all." is usually a good policy. You mix that policy with a very sarcastic sense of humor and you get a quiet guy. I have lots to say, but as a sarcastic guy, a lot of it would be considered offensive.

So a friend gave me this host for XMas (Mefdahl is my handle from way way back, late 80's early 90's). I've never really had a use for it, other than behind the scenes SQL stuff and test bed for some PHP/JavaScript stuff. But it is a nice host, and I hate to let it go to waste.


I will act like I'm hiding behind of the (non-existent) anonymity of an online moniker I've used for 20 years makes it okay to say what is on my mind. Giving myself an outlet for a bunch of possibly negative crap. Thus releasing that energy from my system and giving room for other more positive energy.

Cavendo tutus.

If you are easily offended, have poor sarcasm and/or satire detectors, are not an adult, are a human being with feelings and emotions, have ten toes, don't like coffee, or don't like dark humor... I would suggest going somewhere else.

For the few tasteless, insensitive clods this leaves behind. Proceed.